Pokemon Fire Red Infernos

Pokemon Fire Red Infernos
Pokemon Fire Red Infernos
Remake From:
Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by:
All 386 Pokemon available (currently some legendaries missing)
Increased difficulty of trainers, gym leaders, and elite four.
Gym leaders and Elite Four members now deviate slightly from their type restrictions. This increases the difficulty and makes things a little different.
A lot of different sprites have been substituted in for the FR ones, mainly from the 4th and 5th gen. The original FR had some pretty nasty sprites in my opinion. Also contains a few revamped sprites from the 2nd gen. Currently around 165 Pokemon have updated sprites.
Rival's team changes completely depending on starter choice.
Some changes to movepools, abilities (incorporating changes from 4th/5th gen games) - still in editing.
Some minor mapping changes
Some minor plot changes.
Pokemon Fire Red Infernos


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