Pokemon Moon Emerald

Pokemon Moon Emerald
Pokemon Moon Emerald
Remake From:
Pokemon Emerald
Remake by:
The story is the same as Pokémon Emerald, several Pokémon from 7th Gen and Alola Forms were added. The purpose of the hack is to make a Sideshow Showcase based on Emerald, which has all Alola Pokémon captures.

-Initials are: Litten, Rowlet, Popplio.
- Around 60 pokémon of seventh generation (Status, blows, official etc).
-All Alola forms (Some are missing the sprite, but the stats, scams, and types are from Alola).
-Contains pokémon of the 1st-7th gen (not all!).
-Status of the Pokémon according to the official game Sun and Moon.
-Amaura is one of the fossils to be revived.
- Legendary Kyogre, Groundon, Rayquaza replaced by Lunala, Solgaleo and Magearna.
"Fairy type."
-New Strokes to the 5th gene.
- Physical and special blows.
-Value of evolutionary stones in Mauville and Lilicove.
-Mega Evolution-Evolve with mega stone, buy in Lilicove.
- Pokémon that evolves for exchange evolves with the item Cable Link.
-All Eevee evolutions.
- Pokémon of Gyn Leaders and E4 changed: E4 Has Megas, were slightly hampered, from the 5th gyn, all GLs have 6 Pokémon.

-Ash-Greninja is the Mega-Evolution of Greninja.
- Day and Night System.
-All Capable Initials during the game (see doc with locations).

-The icons of the new Pokémon (the one shown when the party is opened) are all Pokeball forms, and will be corrected as soon as the sprites are available.
-To change the shape of Lycanroc use Moon Stone.
-No in the hack the new blows of the seventh gen, so they were
Exchanged for similar blows; The same happens with new skills.
-The descriptions of the Pokédex are not correct and will be corrected.
Eevee Evolution: Espeon> Sun Stone, Umbreon> Moon Stone, Leafeon> Upe in Petalburg Woods> Glaceon> Upe in Shoal Cave, Sylveon> When learning fairy-like blow.
-Mega evolutions available: Garchomp, CharizardX, Gengar, Galie, Absol, Lucario, Salamence, Gardevoir, Scizor.
-The saves of this version will be compatible with the next versions!
-Milotic is now Fairy / Water type.
-Wallace, the Champion from E4 had their Team Type changed to Fairy.

Beta v0.53:
-Added evolutionary line of Pikipek> Evolve Lv 14 and then Lv 28 (the sprites are not yet 100%).
-Rocktuff evolves on Lv 25.
-Mega Evo of Lucario corrected.
-Grubbin now evolves on Lv 20 to Charjabug, and to Vikavolt when he is up in New Mauville. (Similar to the official game).
-Correct Leader items.

-Beta v0.53d:
- Several Pokemon icons added (not 100% good).
-Elite 4 Glacier changed by Ground type.
-Bug route 123 fixed
-Added Crabrawler, Crabominable, Dhelmise, Morelull, Shiinotic, Guzzlord, Necrozma.
- Several Pokémon of Gyn Leaders changed to Pokémon based on Trial Captains / Chapions of Sun / Moon.

-Beta v0.55:
-Added Mareanie, Toxapex, Wimpod, Golisopod, Buzzwole, Pheromosa.
-Many Pokémon of changed coaches.

-The Mareanie sprite is not 100% correct, it will be fixed soon!
-Thanks to Tig Vieira for Mareanie's BackSprite.

-Beta v0.57:
-Sprite of Mareanie and Dhelmise corrected.
-New strokes added: Leafage, Psychic Fang, High Horse Power, Brutal Swing, Echoed Voice, Synchronoise, PhantomForce, Water
-New TMs replaced by some old ones.
-Leech Life with power 80
-Added Fletchling (route 113).

Credit by Pokemonsaves.blogspot.com.br
Pokemon Moon Emerald


Download Beta 0.57
Download Pokemon Moon Emerald Beta 0.57

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