Pokemon Sweet 2th

Pokemon Sweet 2th
Pokemon Sweet 2th
Remake From:
Pokemon Fire Red
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Reminder: When you play this game in VBA make sure to change the emulator's save settings to Flash 128k or you can't save! I also recommend having rewind enabled for your safety.

- Crafting: Just like the previous hack, craft EV items out of berries, this time at any house with a kitchen sink
- Fast Travel: Anytime you are outdoors, you can warp to any known location using the Start menu
- No HMs here: Your PokéSweets clear obstacles without need for HMs or badges
- Customizable music: Use the Music Player item to change what music plays in battle
- A grand total of 386 PokéSweets: The original 151 return, along with over 200 new treats made by the fans
- Mega Evolutions: Courtesy of Touched, 25 real Mega Evolutions, fresh out of the oven
- Non-linear map: Depending on the starter you select, you will take one of three routes through the region
- Sidequests: Just like before, many NPCs will reward you for completing their tasks
- Non-breaking Sweet Balls: Your balls don't break if they fail to capture, but they are now more expensive to compensate
- Cookbook incentives: Get rewarded with cool items for Cookbook completion

- A bug was fixed where certain types were not displayed in the status screen
- A bug was fixed where Banana moves display as "Dark"
- Phangum's sprite was fixed
- Certain cave maps had bugged exits; these were fixed
- Strength boulders that weren't supposed to be movable are no longer movable
- A bug was fixed where you could fight your rivals multiple times when you're only supposed to once
- Several glitched items, collision errors and map connections were fixed
- M. Lempras can now only be fought once, the related event having been fixed
- One of the badges was originally unobtainable due to the wrong flag being set. This has been fixed
- Chocosaur can cut trees now. Still need to check and see if any others lose the ability to cut/strength/surf upon evolving, so let me know if that happens.
- A glitch involving the camera moving in one scene was fixed by simply not having the camera move at all anymore. No big deal
- this should fix the issue where encountering Candform freezes the game. In case something still goes wrong with him, I've removed him as a random encounter; instead there is now a house in Bakewell Island where you can recieve him as a gift Pokemon. The same house will also have an NPC that teaches Metronome if you so desire it.

Pokemon Sweet 2th


Download Pokemon Ver 13/12/2016
Download Pokemon Sweet 2th Beta 13/12/2016

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