Pokemon The Strongest Pure White

Pokemon The Strongest Pure White
Name: Pokemon The Strongest Pure White
Remake by: esperance
Remake from: Pokemon Emerald

It is a Chinese language hacked game, the Rom base is Pokemon Emerald 2011 Chinese Translated Version. Two years ago, In Pokemon The Strongest Pure White v2.0, the Map is based on US's Los Angeles, if you have been to LA before, you can found there is pretty good city. In the west of LA, there are ocean, beach, big town; In the middle LA, there are forest, grass, short mountain, river; In the east of LA, there are big mountain, dead volcano, desert. So we can write a lot of stories for LA. In additionally, I have added four hidden city, there are reversal city, underwater city, underground city and space city. Each of city has their shop, center, League and Legendary catching story.

DP battle background
DP trainer
Proper physical and special split
Reusable TMs
150 new moves
Added Gen 4-5 abilities and battle items
Pokemon will not lose HP by poison in overworld
Egg hatch level 1
Continuous repel system
When defeated or caught a Pokemon, the team can grow the EXP too
Fairy type
Running indoors
Deletable HMs
Day and night system
Hail will be formed in the snow weather
Move data concentrate to Gen 7
Glass talking background
Add new evolution stone: Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Shiny Stone and Ice Stone
New map and stories route
Gen 1-7 Grass Fire and Water starter Pokemon
Gen 6 icon
PC boxes background is 1-14
Gen 1-7 title legendaries and included its specific move
Realize Eevee 8 evolution
Expanded max money amount

1ST: There are five beautiful girls in the League, they like playing Poison, Paralyze, Burning, Frozen and Sleep, so you should bring enough medicine to heal it. Before you defeat this League, you can get Mewtwo only, you cannot get Gold and Silver's title legendaries until you defeated this League
2ND: Steven use six 100 level Pokemon to battle with you, it may looks like a League difficulty. You can get Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire's title legendaries after you defeated it
3RD: It is called N personal League, N will use five different kinds of weather team such as no weather, sandstorm, snow weather, rainy weather, sunny weather to battle with you. After you won it, you can go to Reversal City to catch Diamond and Pearl's title legendaries
4TH: You will battle with five important VIP people, they may come from different regions. After you won all of them, you can go to underground city to get Black and White's legendaries
5TH: You will battle with seven beautiful girls, all of them called Fairy Girl, they like playing double battle. The order is Fire, Rock, Electricity, Grass, Ice, Water and Poison. You cannot go to the underwater city to catch X and Y until you defeat all of them, it may harder than the general League
6TH: Wow, some players will afraid of this League, because it is 18 continuous battle, you cannot leave this League until you win or loss, but you can use medicine for relax after you defeated each one. This League looks like climb the mountain, when you arrived at the top, you have won it. In each part of mountain, the Trainer use each type of team, the total numbers of type is 18. If you won this League, you will get a bonus trip, it is taking a rocket to Space city and you can feel the interesting from Sun and Moon legendary
7TH: This one is extra League, it is on Space city. You have defeated the last one League. Now, can you defeat it in this 18 continuous battle without relax? It means use your 6 Pokemon to defeat their 108 Pokemon and it is continuous. You can choose a weather before you battle with it, it is depend on your team.

Eevee Evolution Method:
You can catch Eevee on Route 4
Fire Stone can make it evolve into Fire type
ThunderStone can make it evolve into Electricity type
Water Stone can make it evolve into Water type
Increase level with Moon title legendary can make it evolve into Dark type
Increase level with Sun title legendary can make it evolve into Psychic type
Increase level near with Moss Rock can make it evolve into Grass type
Increase level near with Ice Rock can make it evolve into Ice type
Increase level which learned a Fairy type move can make it evolve into Fairy type

Pokemon The Strongest Pure White
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