Pokemon Dark Realm

Pokemon Dark Realm
Name: Pokemon Dark Realm
Remake From: Pokemon Ruby
Remake by: duchuy
That's name of a game which X. Company develope in late 22th century. The game contact derectly to your neutrons and give the best experience to player
But, something hapenned....
Oneday, as other very normal day, [player] come to school to start his (her) class, but then he got lost...
In pokemon world
And all our story begin
[player], who only want to escape from this world, make himself deeper and deeper into the story, meet many human-form-legend, know many untold story, have a monster from the Dark Acient that everyone scared of, and finally, from a devil become a hero

Lost, hope, everything we must do is forget the pain and go to the future
Oneday, the game is gone, everything is over, but our me[mory is still...

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Running inside
New legend: Rivengon and Leon
Reusable TMs
Namerater-Move Deleter-Move Relearner in evey PC
Ingame Cheat (in progress)
Many mini game: Follow the Pikachu, Feeding Bunelby Carrots, Racing (in progress), Dino Cave, Game Center, Safari now is Jurassic Park,
Tower 100 : have exactly 100 floors
Some mini battle tower
Some mini "safari zone"
A lot of shiny pokemon

From Alpha 1.0

- Flash now is Electric type, 60 base dame
- Cut now is Grass type, 60 base dame
- There is one Falseswipe TM that every pokemon can learn
- There is one Headbutt TM that every pokemon can learn too
- Spore and one Ultimate power move is available with ingame cheat
- Heartscale now is 5000pokedolar, every Fossil cost 9800, power boost item price increased too

From Beta 1.0

- Roselia evolve to Roserade with Sunstone
- Magneton evolve to Magnezone at level 40
- There is one new cave in Route 1, which contains Riolu and Bagon. Good for training grass poke, too

Note2: After collecting and fixing bugs from alpha 1.0, beta 1.0 is out

Pokemon Dark Realm

Download Pokemon Dark Realm Beta 1

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